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ZV Radial Blend Shape 3.0
What's ZV Radial Blend Shape?

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ZV Radial Blend Shape is a deformer node particularly useful for facial animation.
ZV RBS makes eyelid and eyebrow deformations extremely easy to setup!

  • Blend
  • Twist
  • Blink
  • Controls
  • Follow
  • Cornea
Download the plugin from CreativeCrash.com.

Are you looking for the old version? ZVRBS 1.0 is still available for download.

License: MIT

Is ZV Radial Blend Shape saving you from hours of work? I hope it does!

Keep in mind this plugin will be always free of charge.
Show me your appreciation for ZVRBS by contributing with as much or as little as you want.



First check the readme file to make sure the deformer and the tool are installed properly.

In this walkthrough I will show you how to create a radial blend shape and how to use all its features.
The file you need for this walkthrough is "rbs_start_here.ma" included in the ZV Radial Blend Shape package. This scene includes a base mesh, brow and lid shapes, some controls and a locator. No connections, constraints or deformers are present. Just the assets.

Alternate video - Walkthrough 1 - Getting started

Alternate video - Walkthrough 2 - Lid shapes

Alternate video - Walkthrough 3 - Cornea deformation

Alternate video - Walkthrough 4 - Side movement

Alternate video - Walkthrough 5 - Connecting controls

Alternate video - Walkthrough 6 - Brows

Alternate video - Walkthrough 7 - Wrapping up

Alternate video - Walkthrough 8 - Rig integration

Open "rbs_demo.ma" to see the rig in action.